The 10 Bad Habits Men and Women Hate Most in Their Partner

According to a survey, these are the 10 bad habits that women dislike most in their boyfriends or husbands:

#1.)  They’re immature.

#2.)  They dress like a bum.

#3.)  They’re thoughtless.

#4.)  They hate to go shopping.

#5.)  They don’t do any housework.

#6.)  They leave the toilet seat up.

#7.)  They won’t obey their simple house rules.

#8.)  They don’t show any interest in the things that THEY like.

#9.)  They buy lame Christmas or birthday presents.

#10.)  They watch too much sports.

And here are the 10 habits that men hate most about the women in their lives:


#1.)  They take too long to get ready.

#2.)  They shop too much.

#3.)  They spend too much on haircuts.

#4.)  They nag about housework.

#5.)  They watch girly shows like soap operas.

#6.)  They’re bad at parking.

#7.)  They get upset when you criticize their cooking.

#8.)  They don’t notice when you finally DO do some housework.

#9.)  They start conversations with the phrase, “You never listen to me.”

#10.)  They have long phone conversations with their mothers or friends.

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