Writers Block

So here I sit. I am at Paradise Bakery waiting for the left over baked goods at the end of the night. I do this on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and deliver to Ryan House or Ronald McDonald House the next day. Anyway, here I sit. Writers block. What can I talk about? Do I want to talk about the girl who killed her boyfriend and claimed she didn’t do it, but now she says she did. Nope. How about the Cardinals trying to find a clue? Nah, same story every year. How about Madonna face planting in the snow, or George Lucas getting engaged or the fiscal cliff, or maybe all the Bowl games? Not really. I know, new year, working out and resolutions. Did that already. Ok, here we go, anyone from the Kardashian family. Are you kidding? You know what, never mind. I have the block. I am honestly sitting here with nothing. Holy cow! As I sit here and try to really concentrate, I find myself wandering. I just read a little article in Men’s Health Magazine that said doing 5 minutes of daydreaming a day…maybe twice a day…is better for your brain than doing a crossword puzzle. Now there is something to talk about. Or better yet…just day dream about. ¬†Where’s the remote…the game is on!

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