“My New Years resolution is not to make resolutions.” – R.U. Kidding

“2012 is coming to a close and 2013 is going to be the year!” We say this all the time. New year, things HAVE to be better. It seems like I have been saying this every year, yet each year brings on new challenges. New rewards. New sorrow. New findings. New opportunity. This year, it has to be about new ATTITUDE. It has to be about what I can control. This year, I want to give more. I want to smile more. Say “THANK YOU” more. Laugh more. I know there are going to be challenges and obstacles to face, but it is my attitude in which I face all of the adversity and challenges that will determine how good 2013 actually was. I want to do new things and experience more than ever before. I want to work on the “bucket list” and challenge myself to do more, see more, give more…LIVE more! If anything, I want to use the New Year as a reminder that time is moving forward and as time moves, I must move. It is OK to remember, but to think I can ever re-live and be what I once was is, at best, a thought or an idea. I am not going to be that 20-year-old in the yearbook with the same build or looks. I am going to embrace 2013 and remind myself that my time on this planet is what I make of it. I can choose to try to live in the past, or change my attitude and live for now and plan for the future. It’s time for a yard-sale of the soul and not just the junk in the garage or storage unit. I am excited for this year and all it brings, both good and bad. I hope you are too. 2013. It’s like jumping in the pool. You just have to DO IT! Jump with me, will you?


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