Christmas Madness

I was out with my wife Sandra doing some Christmas shopping on Sunday. Just the two of us sans the kids. It was nice. We had some food, watched some football while eating, then we hit the mall. I must say, one of the biggest things that twists me the wrong way is how “in a hurry” people are to do…EVERYTHING! From parking the car and driving crazy, to butting in line or just being plain rude. Slow down! There is plenty of parking. Slow down, that guy in front of you is not going to pick up the last “widget” at the store. Slow down, the line will get you to the counter so you can hand over your hard earned money for the item you are holding. My point is, SLOW DOWN. Take a breath, and smile. Say “Please” and “Thank You”. Say “Hello, how are you?” to the workers. THEY will appreciate YOU CARE. Take your time this week. Make a list. Plan it out. Do one thing at a time and you should be good! Let me know how that works out for you.

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