This weekend, I braved the task of decorating our tree in the front yard. It’s an olive tree with 10 “poofs”. There are 10 branches that expand out of this tree and at the end of each branch…a “poof”. I refer to the tree as the “Dr. Seuss” tree. It looks like one of those fancy trees from his books. Each “poof” is decorated with red lights and the branched are done in white lights. As I brought out every tool needed to hang the lights, I thought I was on my way to getting this done faster than last year. Then, I checked the lights to make sure every string was working as good as they were last year. String one, no good. 30 bulbs out on the string. Bummer. String two, good. String 3, another 30 bulbs out. Well, thank goodness I checked them. Off to Target to buy more. I replaced them all. Might as well start fresh. Back to the house and time to hang. As I climb the extended ladder propped up against the skinny branch, I get to a place to start hanging lights. My ladder did not want to be there. It was almost a short day hanging lights. It was one of those “Oh my, I almost died. I hope no one saw me.” moments. I did not fall and I finally did get the lights up. We left that day for a kids holiday party for school. It was before the lights were on. When we returned home, the lights were bright. The kids were excited to see them. It was my Clark Griswold Jr. time to smile and be proud. Fall or not, I would have put these up with a body cast on for their reaction. Enjoy.


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