What have you done today for someone? For no reason, other than to just do it because it is the RIGHT thing to do. You see the people ringing the bell at the malls, the random places looking for donations of food, toys, and everything under the sun. Here is my issue. This should happen all year round. It should not take a holiday to do the right thing. People are hungry 365 days a year. Kids have birthdays every day of the year and giving them a gift should happen all the time. The Red Cross needs blood…every day, not just when a tragedy happens. You don’t have to do a lot. In fact, saying “thank you” to a service member or someone helping you is just as good. SO, I ask, what have you done today to give back? What has been you RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS? The key word here is random. It can come at anytime, anyplace. You will feel better after you do it. Trust me. Let me know what you have done today!


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