Much like you, I am tired of Turkey. I had it for Thanksgiving. Then again a few hours after that. Then the next day as a leftover. Now, there are some items like mashed potatoes, some ham, mac-n-cheese…the last few left over items. I must say, I enjoy the holiday. It is great food, cooked by the ones we love. It’s family in town. It’s much more. But my hangover will be short lived, as we are only a couple of weeks away from yet another break. If you have kids like I do, it’s just about that time for the Christmas break. So the smart thing to do gor me is to be prepared for what is tom come. Look at the calendar and try to plan out the time off as I work and my wife works. Who watches the kids? Where can they stay? Can they spend some time at the office? However this works out, my wife and I need to organize and plan better than traffic control at the airport. And, like we do each year, we will get as creative as possible to make sure our small ones are in good hands while we continue to make our workplace as happy as can be. So as we head into December, I wish all of you the best of luck with your holiday planning. Shop early, don’t procrastinate. I will do all of that for you!


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