I just got off the request line with Ed the pool guy. He requested a song. Wrapping up our conversation, we were talking about Thanksgiving and wishing each other a great day tomorrow. Then he said, “Don’t eat too much!”. Everyone says that. Why? Thanksgiving is that one day where the FEAST is there! I am going to eat Turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, green beans, stuffing, cranberry from the can, and wash it down with a BIG peice of pumpkin pie with half a tub of Cool Whip on it. Oh, and I will probably overdose on real butter and salt. Oh yeah, and about one hour after that, I will be back at it! Don’t even put it in tupperware yet, because I will be back for another round. My point is that I really want to enjoy the time. I don’t eat like that everyday. Why not indulge and go overboard a bit. Then, during Black Friday, while I am working for the station at the Outlets at Anthem…I will walk around a bit. Enjoy your bird tomorrow. Go ahead…stuff it in. THANKS for being you! And NO COOKED CARROTS!


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