I’m not sure about you, but I cannot get enough of November and December. It’s my favorite time of the year! I love the whole feeling and spirit around the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas. The music, the lights, the food…it reminds me the most of growing up. I can tell you where I was or what I was doing for Thanksgiving, or shopping while I was a kid back in Wisconsin. What the weather was like and driving around with my parents to all the stores. The best part was the holiday parties at my Dad’s work! How KOOL they were! These are the times that I have the most memories. My wife Sandra and I try to re-create the same with my two girls Mia, and Sofia. This is where tradition has the opportunity to stay a tradition! I try not to make it corny or force anything. If it is important to me, they see it the same way. I hope you have the opportunity to share your traditions. Spend time with family. Take it all one day at a time and enjoy it!

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