I admit, I can be a bit “over-organized”. To some, that is an understatement, but I think being organized leads to a healthy brain. Literally. If I walk into something that is messy, I start to twitch and sweat. Remember the ODD COUPLE on TV? I am Felix. So, with that being said, I have a major project in front of me. Something I have been putting off for years now. Being in the radio business, I have accumulated a massive amount of CD’s. I have them all alphabetized in the garage on special shelves. NOW, I want to digitize them and get rid of them all together. Only problem is converting everything to digital and organizing them yet again! It’s overwhelming. So I ask you…what have you done to make this simple? Portable hard drives? Burn, burn, burn! I’ll let you know when the yard sale is happening! If you can wait a couple more years…


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