All afternoon I’ve been asking KOOL listeners: who’s your favorite movie President?  Here’s the list  they came up with, counting down from #10.  You might want to consider renting one of these movies tonight instead of watching the election results.  At least it has a definite time it will end!

And check out my pick for the meanest President on film.

10.  John Travolta – Primary Colors

9 .   Henry Fonda – Fail Safe

8.  Jack Nicholson – Mars Attacks

7.  James Garner – My Fellow Americans (with Jack Lemmon)

6.  Peter Sellers – Dr. Strangelove

5.  Morgan Freeman – Deep Impact

4.  Michael Douglas – The American President

3.  Harrison Ford – Air Force One

2.  Bill Pullman – Independence Day

1.  Kevin Kline – Dave

And my choice for one of the the meanest movie presidents of all time:

Gene Hackman – Absolute Power


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