Headed to the movies, but can’t decide what to see?  This should help.  Here’s the info you need…

#1.)  “Flight”  (R)

Denzel Washington is an airline pilot whose plane starts to fall apart at 30,000 feet.  He pulls off a miraculous barrel roll of a 50-ton plane to recover from an uncontrolled dive and safely crash land.

But despite saving so many lives, his personal life comes under intense scrutiny when it’s discovered he had alcohol in his system at the time of the crash.

#2.)  “Wreck It Ralph”  (PG)


John C. Reilly plays Ralph, a video game character who’s tired of being the villain and wants to be a good guy for a change.

Sarah Silverman plays a misfit from a candy-coated cart-racing game, “30 Rock’s” Jack McBrayer plays the fixer hero of Ralph’s original game, and “Glee’s” Jane Lynch plays a sergeant in a hardcore fighting game called “Hero’s Duty”.

The movie also features appearances by classic game characters like Q*Bert, a Pac-Man ghost, “Street Fighter’s” Zangief, and Bowser from the Mario games.

#3.)  “The Man with the Iron Fists”  (R)


RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan wrote, directed, and stars in this kung fu movie about seven clans of warriors and assassins who descend upon a Chinese village to fight for a fortune in gold.  RZA plays a blacksmith who literally forges himself iron fists.

Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, and WWE rassler Batista all have big roles.  Batista’s character Bronze Body has the ability to turn his skin into metal.  Former “Real World” minx Jamie Chung, and “Foxy Brown” star Pam Grier are also in it.


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