Grab That Taco. It’s FREE!

Here’s a heads up for those of you interested in a late lunch or early dinner today: YOU have a free Doritos Locos taco waiting for you at Taco Bell!

They did a “STEAL A BASE, STEAL A TACO” promotion during the World Series.  If a player stole a base, you got a free taco.  Well, Angel Pagan from the San Francisco Giants DID.  So, today…you WILL!

Get ONE free Doritos Locos taco per person between 2p-6p this afternoon at any Taco Bell.  There are four or five within a few miles of my house.  So, I plan on hitting each one and stuffing myself!  Yep…I’m a thinker!  And, a stinker.

Be a stinker (in more ways than one).  CLICK HERE for the Taco Bell store locator!



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