Freddie Mercury is not only one of rock’n’roll’s greatest voices, he’s undoubtedly one of its most distinctive personalities. The Queen frontman always makes a great Halloween costume, and it can be put together with just a few key pieces. Pop star Katy Perry even dressed as Mercury a few years back.

You have a few options in terms of outfit, depending on how involved you want to get. Whatever you wear, make sure to play it off with an over-the-top bravado.

1. Mustache

The mustache is a MUST! Freddie had the long, thick ‘stache going for almost his entire career, and it might be the one part of your costume that makes you instantly recognizable. And if need be, you can get a fake mustache  that looks just like it.

2. Short, slicked-back black hair

Most of the Queen members always had long hair (including Freddie in the early days), but Freddie’s most signature hairdo was simple, black, short men’s cut, slicked straight back. You’ll need plenty of hair gel for this to make the hair nice and shiny.

3. White pants & yellow jacket

53074324 How To Dress Like Freddie Mercury For Halloween

The most popular and distinctive look people have gone with for their Freddie Mercury costume is the combination of white pants preferably with a red stripe – loose baseball pants are actually perfect – and a yellow leather jacket, preferably one that looks a size too small. Throw in some white Adidas tennis shoes and you’ve got Mercury’s iconic look at a Wembley Stadium show in 1986. A Mercury impersonator recreates the look in the photo above, while pop star Katy Perry recreated for her costume several years ago.

4. Leather

If you can’t find Freddie’s famous yellow jacket (or anything close to it), just make sure you get something made of leather. He almost always had a shiny leather jacket or a leather newsboy cap on, so you should too.

5. White tank top…

Whether or not he wore a leather jacket, Freddie almost always wore a white tank top, usually cut low. You could even get away with having just the top and still look like Freddie.

6. …Or a lowcut jumpsuit

If you’re not rocking leather or a white tank top, go for a tight, sparkly, lowcut onesie. Freddie was a fan of them, especially in the early days, and there are even a few “Freddie Mercury” jumpsuits available online.

7. Regal red cape

73981188 How To Dress Like Freddie Mercury For Halloween

You might have a hard time finding a big, red cape and jeweled crown – representing the true royal the Queen frontman was – but major points if you can.

8. Microphone

Fake or real, just make sure to arch your back and belt into like it’s the climax of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Try this one or this one.

— Matt Dolloff, 100.7 WZLX; Jillian Mapes, CBS Local; photos by Getty


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