You must meet Elliot – he’s a lovable mutt but looks like someone took a shrink ray to a German Shepherd.  I bet he is PERFECT for you!

“Elliot” is our Pet of the Week and he is a neutered male 6 months to a year old. Elliot is Chihuahua mix that looks more like a miniature German Shepherd, black and Cream.

Elliot is a very submissive dog  that will roll over and wait for your attention and that makes it a challenge when you’re in a BIG kennel and everyone is looking down at you. Once you love on Elliot a little he is the best little friend you will ever want. Elliot has had his surgery already so he is ready for his new home this morning at  11:00AM ( October 23 )

dsc06827 Dog Of The Week   Elliot

This morning we will also talk about you pets and Halloween!
Some people think that their dogs will be OK with all the little witches and superheroes running around but the pets do get frightened and MCACC sees a lot of Bites happen unfortunately.  Please make sure to keep all the pets and people safe this Halloween.

CLICK HERE for studio pictures of Elliot.

Animal ID # A3210872

Kennel # WB027

Location West Shelter 2500 S. 27th Ave 85009

$85.00 adoption fee


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