Top 10 Items Women REALLY Keep In Their Purse


A new survey reveals the ten most common items found in a woman’s handbag. Interestingly, 82 percent believe that the contents of a woman’s purse says a lot about her personality and 42 percent say that going through a woman’s purse is as intrusive as reading her e-mails or text messages.

Top 10 purse essentials
1. Money/cards (72%)
2. Painkillers (58%)
3. Makeup bag (54%)
4. Sunglasses (40%)
5. Feminine products (38%)
6. Diary/address book (33%)
7. iPod/mp3 player (20%)
8. Chocolate (10%)
9. Toilet roll (8%)
10. Underwear (4%)
How do you stack up to this list ladies?

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