New Movies Out This Weekend

#1.)  ” Hotel Transylvania”

An animated movie where Dracula runs a resort for other monsters, but chaos ensues when a human boy discovers it and falls for his daughter.  Adam Sandler is the Count, Selena Gomez is his daughter, and Andy Samberg is the boy.

Kevin James and Fran Drescher play the Frankenstein Monster and his Bride, David Spade is the Invisible Man, Cee Lo Green is a Mummy, Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon are werewolves, and David Koechner is Quasimodo.

#2.)  “Looper”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a low level assassin called a “looper.”  He works for criminals from the future, who use time travel to send targets back in time so he can dispose of them in the past.

But the mob decides to “close the loop” on their own hitman, and he finds out that his next target is a future version of HIMSELF, played by Bruce Willis.

Jeff DanielsEmily BluntPiper Perabo, and Paul Dano are also in it.  And if the time travel wasn’t enough sci-fi for ya, one of their characters also has telekinesis.

#3.)  “Won’t Back Down”

Maggie Gyllenhaal fights the public education system after her daughter is punished by an abusive teacher for not knowing how to read.  She gets help from another teacher, played by Viola Davis from “The Help”.

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