Hangover Cure?

I read this morning that if you are hung over…ride a roller coaster! mmmmmmm


(Jessica Festa)
After seeing a 250% increase in people puking on rides, the staff at Thorpe Park in Surrey decided to do something about it. And with the help of science, they’ve created the United Kingdom‘s first winged roller coaster, the Swarm. Not only that, but it’s designed to cure hangovers.

First, riders are shot through head first down a 128-foot drop. While this may sound counterintuitive, neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis explains the blast of oxygen on the high-speed ride actually speeds the metabolic rate of a drunk person, helping to break toxins down more quickly.

There is also a breathalyzer next to the height bar. If you fail, you’re sent to The Swarm and not allowed on any other rides until you’ve sobered up. While Thorpe Park doesn’t condone drinking and riding, they understood many freshman just starting college probably don’t realize they’re still suffering from the previous night’s partying.

“We felt it was our duty to ensure that all of our guests enjoy the extreme nature of our rides and by putting them on the Swarm, which is proven to be the ultimate hangover cure,” Mike Vallis, divisional director of Thorpe Park, told news.com.au.


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