Hello.  My name is Jeffrey.  And, I’m a couch potato.  I spent the entire day yesterday sitting in front of the TV!  It started with my weekend tradition of “CBS Sunday Morning.”  I followed that up with football.  Then, just as I was ready to do something useful, the Emmys came on!  Yep…booty is sore.

But, I got to see some amazing things!  There was a VERY KOOL interview with Gwen Stefani on “Sunday Morning.”  The Cardinals played magnificently and are now 3-0 for the first time since 1973 (Hellooooooo, St. Louis)!  And, I thought the Emmys were pretty decent.  While I didn’t agree with a number of the wins, at least there weren’t too many run-on speeches.

I thought Jimmy Kimmel did a great job as host!  Though, he did not supply my favorite moment of the night.  At least, not directly…

HILARIOUS!  Though, I’m a huge fan of both shows.  Let me also give credit to Ron Howard.  You could see he was visibly shaken during his tribute to Andy Griffith.  That made me sad.

My second favorite moment: ANY shot of Sofia Vergara!  My God, she’s gorgeous.  What was your favorite moment from the Emmys?  Leave a comment below.


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