10 Most Overused Business Phrases

According to a new survey, nearly half of all employees say they lose respect for coworkers who use meaningless business-speak . . . like “Think outside the box.”  But one in three of us end up saying them anyway.  Here are the most overused phrases . . . and the sad percentage of people who use them at least once a day.  What else belongs on the list?  Here’s the top 10…

#1.)  “It’s a no-brainer”:  32% of people say it at least once a day.

#2.)  “Think outside the box”:  30%.

#3.)  “At the end of the day”:  26%.

#4.)  “It’s a win-win situation”:  26%.

#5.)  “Touch base”:  25%.

#6.)  “Going forward”:  24%.

#7.)  “110 percent”:  21%.

#8.)  “Close of play”:  20%

#9.)  “It’s on my radar”:  19%.

#10.)  “Flagging up” or “Run it up the flagpole”:  19%.



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