Merriam-Webster is the gold standard for dictionaries.  If it doesn’t appear there, it probably isn’t really a word!  Of course, they keep with the times by adding words to their collegiate dictionary every year.  There are 25 new additions for 2012.  Would you believe one of them is the f-bomb?!?

Well, it’s not THE f-bomb.  It’s the term “f-bomb!”  Here’s how it’s listed: f-bomb (noun) – used metaphorically as a euphemism.”  That’s awfully vague!  But, I think we all know it doesn’t mean “flounder,” “fashion” or “fairy dust.”

Among other words added: “bucket list,” “earworm,” “game changer” and “sexting.”  Wanna see the other 20?  CLICK HERE for the list – and their definitions.


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