Weird Al, that is! He will be in concert performing at Comerica Theatre this Sunday, August 5.

His creativity in taking an existing song and making a parody of it has contributed to his success as a performer. As crazy and outlandish as his songs are, he has been awarded three Grammys, received four gold records, six platinum records and numerous nominations for his endeavors.

Dr. Dimento’s syndicated show was where Yankovic first gained exposure and his first comedy song released in 1978. That song was titled, “Take Me Down”. From that point on, he’s made parodies of hit songs including “My Sharona” (The Knack), “Beat It” (Michael Jackson) and “Like A Virgin” (Madonna).

Ever wonder which artists refused permission for Weird Al to record their songs in his comedic form? The list includes Prince, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Paul McCartney. Although these artists are huge fans of Mr. Yankovic’s work, they’ve all denied him.


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