When you think of football greats, Brett Favre ALWAYS comes to mind.  His 15 years with the Packers were legendary.  The following three with the Jets and Vikings were also legendary, but for different reasons.  How many times can one “retire?”  The answer is three, in Brett’s case.  Now, it could be FOUR.  Brett Favre is returning to football…again!

So, which team is he joining this time?  The Warriors!  Wait.  The only Warriors I know in pro sports is Golden State.  And, that’s basketball!  Nope.  This would be the Oak Grove High School Warriors…in Hattiesburg, MS.  Brett’s the newest offensive coordinator for this HIGH SCHOOL football team!  I think this is awesome.  Can you imagine being in high school and having your hero coach your football team?  WOW!

As for salary…it certainly isn’t NFL grade.  In fact, there’s no grade at all.  He’s doing this for free.  Brett, you da man!



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