We’re all counting on you.

A website has calculated the cost of becoming Batman and it comes out to approximately $785,000.  Here’s a breakdown . . .

–One year of elite martial arts training, $75,000.

–Kevlar utility harness, $340.

–Gas-powered magnetic grappling gun, $1,800.

–Advanced Kevlar armor bat suit, $300,000.

–Cape with hang glider potential, $3,400.

–Proper Bat vehicle.  In lieu of building the Batmobile or Batman’s Tumbler, you’ll probably want a Humvee for $140,000.

–Custom graphite helmet, $250.  Bruce Wayne orders 10,000 of them . . . but you’re going to get started with one.

–Sound amplifier for bat ears, $30.

–Full-time butler, $263,000.

–Ten Boomerangs and five riot grenades, $1,200.

–Twenty cans of black spray paint, $120.

TOTAL COST:  $785,140.

Did they forget anything?

–Also, you don’t NEED a house with a hidden Bat Cave underneath . . . but if you want one, it’s estimated that Wayne Manor is 42,500 square feet and costs about $32.1 MILLION.  It’s got 11 bedrooms, seven baths, a pool, and, again, a hidden Bat Cave.


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