Top 25 Hottest Photos of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Over The Years

Sad news broke out recently over Tom and Katie’s lives.. Yes unfortunately they have ended their six year marriage. This comes to a surprise to their families, friends, and of course their fans. Who can forget Tom jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch in 2006 and how excited he was for having Katie in his life. Katie would also constantly talk about her love for Tom and how she also fell head over heels for him. They attended many events and hung out with some of the top celebrity couples in the industry. They were always displaying their affection for each other; kisses and smiles everywhere they went.

57536614 Top 25 Hottest Photos of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Over The Years The pictures speak for themselves and showcase what used to be of this couple; to view the photos of Tom and Katie over the years Click here!

Many attribute their split to the age difference between them and Tom’s strong belief in Scientology, but the main cause is still kept private. Many may speculate over this but only they know the reason for their sad break up. It seems more and more couples are deciding to call it quits, I wonder is it because they have to live their lives in the public eye?  Being looked at under strict scrutiny must surely have some kind of responsibility in these cases. One can only hope that their six year old daughter Suri can remain sane with all the attention from the paparazzi’s.  Holmes was the one who filed for divorce and who received primary custody for their daughter.

Jessica Herrera, 94.5 KOOL FM


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