People who tend to think that come-backs and reunions are only made for commercial reasons must be people who don’t know about the deep bonding that happens when people play music together. That is definitely the case with this 50 years reunion album from one of the greatest bands ever.

94.5 KOOL FM Tom and Maria talked with Al Jardine of The Beach Boys this morning to promote their concert tomorrow at the GCU Arena in downtown Phoenix.

Has Al forgiven Brian for breaking his leg during a high school football game?

Yes, he can can relax now, all is forgiven. Al goes on and says that Brian even signed his cast.

Did the band ever pay back Al’s mom for some money she lent them to rent instruments?

Yes, we did. Great story behind this and was a big deal. Al asked his mom for money so they could rent instruments. Funny thing was that they had to audition in the living room for her approval. $300 was a month worth of wages in 1961 and she wanted to know what she was investing in. They of course received her approval!

And did you know that Al actually lived in the Valley of the Sun?

Al Jardine used to live in Pinnacle Peak for about 8 years. He loved the desert and hung out with Glen Campbell a lot, who also lived in North Scottsdale. Al does not play golf and tried once with Glen. He blames the clubs Glen got him…

Tell us about your new album ‘That’s Why God Made the Radio’.

Brian had bunch of songs already worked out and wanted it to be a Beach Boy album. Capital Records of course knew that the 50 anniversary was coming and was looking for something. Brian presented a couple of demos and they flipped over it.

Listen to the entire interview with Al Jardine:

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