Brian Wilson‘s confirmation that his Frank Sinatra project isn’t going to happen was the one bit of real information that came out of our conversation this afternoon. Going into my interview with him, I knew it was going to be tough. Brian doesn’t like to do interviews, and the fact that he made the effort to call was as much as anyone could hope for.  It’s not unpleasant speaking with him, he’s cordial and certainly non-combative, but he doesn’t engage in a conversation – no matter how many openings he’s given to say more. That, honestly, is fine with me. Brian has said, and continues to speak more through his music that he could in volumes of words. I’m looking forward to seeing him on stage with The Beach Boys and a great backup band supporting the melodies and lyrics that have supplied the soundtrack for several generations of fans.

How can you top that with an interview?

Here’s what he said.

How has the tour been for Brian and the group?

“So far, so good. We’re selling out everywhere we go and we’ve got very big audiences. We’re having a good time.” says Brian.

Brian gives me an update on whether the Frank Sinatra album is still in the works.

“No that is not in the works. I don’t think I’m going to do that.”

The best show I ever saw was when Brian came to town to do “Smile“, it was unbelievable. I asked Brian was there a relief for him after he completed “Smile” after 38 years.

“Yeah quite a lot, yeah. It was in the works for 38 years. And we finally did it”.

Brian shared with me his feelings on his new album “That’s Why God Made The Radio” debuting #3 on the billboard charts, which is the highest debut of any Beach Boys album.

“I was very proud”, says Wilson. “It was pretty amazing”.

With some much music going on in Brian’s head, I was curious on just how Brian relaxes.

“I relax in my conscious ya know. It’s rough”.

They say behind every great man is a strong woman so I asked Brian how Malinda, his wife, how has she affected his music?

“Well she help me through you know. Helped me get through my troubled times.” Brian tells me.

So what’s the best and worst part about touring again with the Beach Boys for Brian?

“The great side is the concerts, the downside is the traveling. We do a lot of flying.”

The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour will be in town this Saturday, July 7th at Grand Canyon University. For more info go here.

Here’s the complete interview audio.

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