Rock has one more chance and that is you!  He has been at the Arizona Humane Society too long.  He is depressed and his outlook is not good,  he needs YOU to save is life and give him his forever home.

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rock (ADOPTED!!!)  Dog Of The Week
Rock is the mellowest 2-year-old dog. He is calm about everything in life and all he wants is an easygoing owner to love. Affectionate, loyal and faithful to the max, Rock’s new owner will never be lonely. Rock could spend the entire afternoon snoring on his dog bed and when you come home he is happy to relax at your feet. Overall, he is more of the “supervisor” type of dog who’s attentive to his owner and watches from the comforts of the couch or plot of grass in the shade while his owner completes household tasks. He checks in every now by politely sitting next to you until you notice him and give him a soft ear rub. Other times, he simply gazes your way from across the room with eyes that express only unconditional love and adoration.

This Pit bull terrier mix may look intimidating to a thief but he wouldn’t hurt a fly and this extremely laid-back dog would more than likely sit and quietly watch while robbers raid the house.

He is content with less exercise and prefers to only walk the neighborhood when the weather is just right- not too hot, not too cold. He does like lying in the cool grass in the evenings until the sun goes down. He is the “Cadillac” of dogs and the leash floats without any tension as he strolls next to you along the sidewalk.  He isn’t in any hurry to do anything but find someone to love and he’s been waiting since April 18h for a new home.

He hasn’t mastered many commands (mostly because he is so easy-going he has no desire too) but he has perfected “sit” and performs the trick in slow motion, taking his time to get his body into position. He takes treats delicately (leaving no slobber on your fingers) and often times he saves the treat and will come back to it later.

He loves unconditionally and with his whole heart. He seems to always know when you need a look of adornment sent your way and his gentle demeanor and mellow personality is the perfect remedy at the end of an exhausting day.

new ahs logo 2007 (ADOPTED!!!)  Dog Of The Week

His adoption fee is only $35 and includes his neuter surgery and vaccines. For more information call 602-997-7585 x 2045 or visit the Sunnyslope location and ask for animal ID number A392518.


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