I walked out of the CBS building last night just before 8pm.  (I have another position at KOOL that keeps me here well past my midday airshift.)  As I got outside, I was stunned by the vision in the sky.  The way the setting sunlight was bouncing off the clouds was nothing short of beautiful.  Now, I’m no photographer.  But, I HAD to pull out my cellphone and take a picture.  That’s what you see on the left.

It’s a good thing I snapped that shot when I did.  Flash forward just two minutes.  I’m sitting in my car, waiting for it to cool down.  Suddenly, that gorgeous view was a thing of the past.  It was replaced by blowing dust.  We see dust storms all the time, so it didn’t faze me.  I didn’t realize the massive scope of this particular one until I hit I-10.  Finally, I was out in the open.  There were no buildings blocking my view of the sky.  That’s when I looked up and saw this:

after The Calm Before The (Dust) Storm

(Photo by Jeffrey T. Mason/KOOL)

WHOA!  For the record, I was driving West on I-10.  This wall of yuckiness was coming from the South.  And, it was some wall!  According to CBS-5, this one was 15 miles wide and 3,000 feet high!  It completely overtook I-10, turning dusk pitch black instantly.  I can tell you it was moving slower than 65 mph.  I know this because I ended up in front of it once I headed North on Loop 101 and got past Camelback Rd.  Suddenly, dusk returned!  But, the dirt followed me all the way home to Peoria.

Did you get caught in this?  Did you take pictures?  Or, even better yet…video?




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