Uh-Oh! What Did Amar’e Do?

Our old buddy, Amar’e Stoudemire has gotten himself into trouble.  The former Suns player was just fined $50,000 by the NBA!  See, this is what happens when you move to New York City.  Here in the Valley, he was mild-mannered and an all around nice guy.  Two years in Gotham, and he’s a menace to society!!!  So, what did he do?

The problem started when a fan tweeted something less than flattering about Amar’e and the New York Knicks.  Hey, at least THEY made the playoffs!  But, I digress.  I guess Amar’e didn’t appreciate the tweet.  So, he sent a “less than less than flattering” direct message to the guy who, in turn, tweeted a screen shot of the message.  I’m not going to quote it here.  Let’s just say it was a gay slur.

Amar’e was subsequently fined 50 grand and released this statement: “I am a huge supporter of civil rights for all people. I am disappointed in myself for my statement to a fan. I should have known better and there is no excuse.”

CLICK HERE for more on the story.  And, if you wanna follow Amar’e and his Twitter drama, he’s @Amareisreal.


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