Maria Knight isn’t the only one at KOOL with a passion for Taco Bell.  I’m a huge fan!  Up until recently, I ordered the exact same thing every single time I went.  But, that all changed when they introduced the Doritos Locos tacos.   I had to alter my order a bit.  Who doesn’t love nacho cheese?  Now, I am hearing rumblings of two NEW Doritos Locos flavors!

Being a Doritos muncher all my life, I remember when they came out with a brand new flavor in 1986.  You probably remember a certain late night host shilling the all new Cool Ranch Doritos:

That was the day I switched flavors.  So, it’s more than a little exciting to hear that Cool Ranch Doritos Locos tacos are on the way!  Not a fan?  OK.  How about Flamas?  I know you like it hot and spicy!  CLICK HERE for all the Doritos dirt.



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