Mike Tyson Was A “Prostitute Hunter?!?”

Don’t you love when celebrities put their foot in their mouths?  I guess it’s better than putting other people’s EARS in their mouths!  Mike Tyson is guilty of both.  And, this morning’s interview on NBC’s Today was NO exception.  It was a doozie!

Mike and director Spike Lee appeared to promote their upcoming one-man Broadway show, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.”  Anytime you hand Tyson a microphone, it’s going to be fascinating.  While admitting that he’s a “wimp” and clean living vegan today, Iron Mike DID find some time to go off on a rant and actually claimed to have once been a “prostitute hunter.”  I’ve never seen this profession listed in the classifieds!  How much does THAT pay?

CLICK HERE to see the video for yourself.  Don’t you love trainwrecks???


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