Complete Leon Russell Interview

One of my Turntable Tuesday songs today was Leon Russell‘s Tightrope.  When we spoke in 2010, I didn’t know interviews with Leon Russell were hard to come by,  until several friends later called to ask me how I got mine.  I simply asked his publicist for one, months in advance of when I knew he was coming to town.  Requesting an interview is always a hit and miss deal, but in this case it worked out fine, except for Leon‘s lousy cel phone reception in Flagstaff – it wasn’t Verizon.  You’ll hear it break up in a couple of places, but in hopes someone can figure out what he was saying through the garble, I’ve left it in.

Another thing you’ll notice, and this isn’t uncommon, when I talk with someone from my home state of Oklahoma, I relax and my drawl comes out big time.  Leon had so many interesting storied and comments, he had me completely relaxed by the end of the conversation. Here’s my May 2010 conversation with Leon Russell.

We started off talking about the process of doing interviews, as I tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible doing something he doesn’t particularly like to do.



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