As the weather warms up even more during these hot summer months, we know the importance of staying KOOL by drinking plenty of water, wearing sunblock and staying indoors or in the shade. But the ones who suffer the most are our loving pets!

I hate reading stories about dogs being left in cars or in the backyard. Just because the dog has a doghouse, it won’t protect him from the triple digit heat.

Thanks to the Arizona Humane Society for providing some great tips for keeping your pets KOOL this summer!

– Keep pets inside the home and out of the heat.
– If your pet must remain outdoors, please provide a cool, well-ventilated area with lots of shade.
– Hydration is key for your pets, so provide COOL water at all times. (My dog loves a few ice cubes in his water dish!)
– Don’t exercise or walk your pet on the hot concrete because it could burn their paw pads. Try walking them earlier in the day or later in the evening when things cool down a bit.
– Please don’t ever leave your pet in a parked car! The temperature can sometimes double inside the car and is bad news for your pet!

If you love your pet as much as I do, you can make the summer months much KOOLer for them!

AHS suggests that if you see a pet in need of shelter or has been left in a vehicle in the heat, please contact the Arizona Humane Society EAMT’s at (602) 997-7585 (Ext. 2073) or local police.


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