In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I’d share some of the best fatherly advice I’ve received throughout my life.  Oh sure, I could tell you some lessons my own dad gave me.  But, that would break that sacred bond he and I share.  So, I’m passing on advice from OTHER fathers.

Who, you might ask?  How about some of the most famous fathers in all the world: Cliff Huxtable, Phil Dunphy, Archie Bunker, Frank Costanza, Homer Simpson, Steven Keaton, Peter Griffin, Dan Conner, Tobias Funke and even Michael & Joey (“My Two Dads”).  That’s right.  These are television fathers!  And, I can be honest in this blog, right?  We’re amongst friends.  I spent more time with this set of paternal figures than my own dad!  I know I’m not alone.

So, sit back, relax…and soak in all the fatherly advice that the boob tube has to offer:

1) THE REAL WORLD courtesy of The Cosby Show

2) WHY THE FACE (“WTF”) courtesy of Modern Family

3) GOING TO BED courtesy of All In The Family

4) KNOW YOUR BRA SIZES courtesy of Seinfeld

5) NEVER TRY courtesy of The Simpsons

6) DRINKING IS BAD courtesy of My Two Dads

7) STAMP COLLECTING IS BORING courtesy of Family Guy

8) LEARNING TO DRIVE courtesy of Family Ties

9) EVERYBODY DOES “IT” courtesy of Roseanne

10) MARY POPPINS ISN’T REAL courtesy of Arrested Development


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