Twitter Has Taken Over Your #Television

If you’re one of those people who has refused to join Twitter because “it’s just a fad and will go away,” it may be time to bite the bullet and join the #hashtag revolution!  Twitter just aired it’s first television commercial over the weekend.  Yep…they’re for real now!

The ad aired on Sunday during the Pocono 400 NASCAR race.  It shows driver Brad Keselowski tweeting video from the driver’s seat of his car.  It’s part of a new Twitter campaign centered on NASCAR.  CLICK HERE for details on the partnership.

Here’s the first ever Twitter television commercial:

But, there are more to come.  A bunch more, in fact:

Hey, I’m a Tweeter.  You can find me @JTMonKOOL.  But, maybe if Brad Keselowski had been a little more focused on driving, he would have done better than 24th place 😉


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