In a recent interview with People, Usher insists he “is not a germaphobe!”  But, that doesn’t explain his ritual of ordering a tall glass of near-boiling water at restaurants to soak his silverware.  I guess he could bring his own utensils.  Maybe THAT is the true tell of a germaphobe!

We all have our quirks.  I know a guy who actually keeps a bottle of hand sanitizer on a chain around his neck!!!  I realize there are germs everywhere.  But, I’m not going to avoid touching door knobs, wear rubber gloves or wash my hands every 10 seconds.  The way I see it, we’re bound to come in contact with these dirty demons at some point.  It’s inevitable!  Why waste the entire day trying to avoid them?

Are YOU a germaphobe?  Do you have any unique practices or habits that helps you steer clear of these pesky problems?  Leave a comment below.  You can even use a fake name if you’re embarrassed!  I want to share some of these stories on-air today.


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