This has been a busy week for the Celebrity Death Trifecta!  By my count, five notable celebrities have died in the last seven days.  The big question: who goes on what trifecta?

In case you haven’t been keeping track or have lost count (not too difficult when they happen this often), here is where we are:

  1. Kathryn Joosten (actress) – 6/2/12
  2. Richard Dawson (actor/host) – 6/2/12
  3. Herb Reed (Platters singer) – 6/4/12
  4. Ray Bradbury (writer) – 6/5/12
  5. Bob Welch (singer) – 6/7/12

Logic would say the first three make one CDT and we’re 2/3 of the way through another with the last two.  BUT, since there are two actors and two singers, do we wait for another from each of their lines of work?  I guess that’s not fair to Ray Bradbury.  But, neither was the “lengthy illness” that caused his death.

I’m leaving this one up to YOU.  Oh, admit it.  You are just as fascinated with this as I am!  We’re odd.  But, we mean well.  We’re just curious people!


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