About 4 years ago, I decided to buy a pool table.  I’ve always enjoyed playing, but was tired of spending countless hours in bars feeding my need.  So, I cleared out a room in the house and converted it into an entertainment bunker.  (I refuse to use the term “man-cave!”)  I tried to do it on the cheap at first, but that just created a LOT of drama.   (I’ll save THAT story for when you and I are chalking our cue sticks.)  So, I eventually spent FAR too much money on a quality table.  You can see it in my picture on the left.

Some would say that it’s an investment.  And, I tend to agree.  At first, I played constantly.  But, over the years, constantly turned into once or twice a month…which has turned into once every two or three months.  The problem: I don’t have a pool partner nearby.  So, I end up playing alone most of the time.  While it’s nice to know I will ALWAYS win, it takes a lot of the excitement out of the game.  I’m competitive by nature, so I enjoy a challenge.

This morning around 6, I had the sudden urge to play a game.  And, it got me to thinking.  Considering the price of the table and the 5 or 6 times a year I play, how much is each game costing me?  This involves math.  Don’t try this at home!  Without going into detail, I’m paying about 5X as much per game as I would in a pool hall.  YIKES!

imag04271 Whats YOUR Frivolous Hobby Purchase?

For all the pool enthusiasts, YES…I have the famous Rat Pack poster hanging in the room, along with the obligatory bar and Steve Goddard approved popcorn maker. (Photo by Jeffrey T. Mason/KOOL)

Have YOU made a frivolous hobby purchase…and then realized it just wasn’t worth the money spent?  It could be a pool table.  Maybe it’s a video game system.  We could even kick it up a notch and say a CAR.  Whatever it is, let me know about it.  Leave a comment below with your story.


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