Sure, we ALL know how last night’s Coyotes game ended.  The Kings took the series 4-1 in OT and are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals.  But, you gotta hand it to our Yotes!  They were just one goal away from a 3-2 series.  They fought hard!  Did you see what happened to goalie Mike Smith?  He lost his glove!!!  That thing slid clear across the ice.  But, did the Kings score?  NOPE!  Smith used his entire body to shield the goal…twice.  I think that’s awesome.  Here’s the video:

So, here’s my suggestion: in honor of Mike’s incident, let’s give our Coyotes a “one glove salute!”  Take a picture of yourself wearing just ONE glove.  It can be a rubber glove, an oven mitt, a gardening glove, a baseball fielder’s mitt…WHATEVER!  Hold that gloved hand up high in honor of our Yotes.  Then, upload the picture to our KOOLradio page on Facebook.  You DO “like” us…right?  Let’s show our boys how much we “like” them!  Here’s my pic:

jtm glove Lets Give The Yotes A One Glove Salute Today!

(Photo by Jeffrey T. Mason/KOOL)


Congratulations on an incredible season, boys!  We can’t wait until another season of Whiteouts.  And, with former San Jose Sharks CEO Greg Jamison looking to buy the team, I think it’s gonna happen…in Glendale!


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