The Rolling Stones just recorded a new video.  I’m here to tell you ALL FOUR members are in this video.  And, it was just shot recently.  But, it’s NOT a new song.  It’s actually an announcement regarding their Facebook page.  They just hit 10 MILLION fans!  So, they cut a video to say “thanks.”

That, in and of itself, is not big news…or really even blog-worthy.  It’s the other story this video tells.  I highly doubt they would all get together just to cut this short clip for Facebook.  So, you gotta figure they were already in the studio.  Look behind them.  There are instruments!  I bet they were playing them.  Sooooooooo, could the war between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards finally be over?  Have they set aside their differences?  Are they rehearsing for the supposed “50th Anniversay” tour we keep hearing about?  Will I keep asking questions that don’t have answers?

Here’s the video.  You draw your own conclusions:


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