A Different Kind Of Trifecta [Jeffrey T]

Robin Gibb lost his long, public battle with Cancer today.  He closes out a very different kind of Celebrity Death Trifecta, unlike most of the ones I blog about.  Sometimes, the only common thread among the celebrities is that they passed away within days.  This particular CDT took just over 24 years to complete.  And, the common thread of these three celebrities is much, much stronger than a close proximity in time.  It’s brotherhood:

  1. Andy Gibb
  2. Maurice Gibb
  3. Robin Gibb

Andy died of myocarditis in 1988 at age 30.  Maurice died from a twisted intestine in 2003 at age 53.  Robin died of colorectal cancer today at age 62.  Now, the only Gibb left standing is eldest brother Barry.  This truly was a different kind of trifecta.

CLICK HERE for the complete story on Robin’s passing.  And, enjoy these pictures of Robin through the years.

55890089 10 A Different Kind Of Trifecta [Jeffrey T]Robin Gibb (12/22/1949 – 5/20/2012)


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