144168130 Shave Your Back!  Just Dont Tell Us!

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Rand Luxury

I don’t know why, but a new documentary is out in limited release this Friday called “Mansome.”  It’s about “Manscaping,” or grooming.

A website called ModernMan.com asked women how they preferred their man when it came to manscaping.

Here’s the four rules that they came up with…

1.)  Shave or Wax Your Back, but Keep It a Secret.  Basically, they want you to do it if you have a lot of back hair.  But they’d rather not know about it.

2.) Don’t Shave Your Chest Hair, but Trim It if It Gets Out of Control.  If you need to clean it up a little bit, use trimmers.  Don’t shave everything, and don’t get it waxed.

3.) Don’t Shave Your Face on Weekends.  If you HATE having facial hair . . . or SHE hates it . . . then by all means shave.  But apparently a lot of women like it when you’re scruffy sometimes.

4.) Don’t Shave Your Arms or Your Legs.  Again, one of the women they talked to nailed this one.  She said, quote, “I would find it very, very odd if a guy waxed his arms and legs and wasn’t a cyclist or a swimmer.”

There you go boys, and you’re welcome!

Here’s what some of our KOOL listeners had to say:

beard Shave Your Back!  Just Dont Tell Us!

  1. Maria Knight says:

    I found a picture of Tom with VACATION FACE! I love it!

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