Enough With These Trifectas!

I purposely did NOT write about the passing of Maurice Sendak yesterday. I thought maybe *I* was jinxing things with my Celebrity Death Trifecta scorecards. I didn’t even mention it on the radio! I guess this thing is WAY out of my control, as the “Where The Wild Things Are” author wasn’t the only celebrity we lost yesterday. Just 6 days after Junior Seau, a 2x Super Bowl champ has passed before his time. And, a name that is most-likely in YOUR bathroom right now also makes the obit page.

279267 Enough With These Trifectas!

(Photo by T. G. Higgins/Allsport)

Former New York Giants wide receiver Stacy Robinson lost his battle to cancer yesterday at age 50! Get the full story HERE.

123965024 Enough With These Trifectas!

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

And, this literally JUST broke minutes ago: Legendary hairstylist and hair product guru Vidal Sassoon died of natural causes today at age 84. That story is HERE.

So, consider this trifecta completed:

  1. Maurice Sendak (author)
  2. Stacy Robinson (NFL star)
  3. Vidal Sassoon (Hairstylist)

Would you believe there are actually websites that give away money and prizes for correctly answering this morbid question? I just found one. CLICK HERE to see. Wow…that’s quite creepy!


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