As I was driving to work this morning, I noticed the odometer hit the 50,000 mile mark!  That’s a milestone these days, right?  You just don’t see as many cars making it to the 250,000 mile mark anymore.  I bought the car new in 2008, so it’s 4 years old.  But, how old is it in “car years?”  You know, like “dog years?”  You tell me!

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  1. oldiesfan6479 says:

    What’s the deal wth your “pra-nundl”? P-R-N-D-I-L? What the heck is “I”?

    1. The “I” stands for INCONCEIVABLE! As soon as I shift into that gear, you are just a speck in my rearview 😉

      Thanks for bein’ KOOL!

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