So, good news and bad news about the ugly “T” work…TAXES!  The good news: they’re not due until Tuesday the 17th this year.  The bad news: our friend Lionel Richie is in big trouble with the IRS!  Maybe he should stop trying to write off those “Ceiling Dances” at his pad.  Speaking of his pad, the bank has reportedly put a lien on it!

We’re not talking about a little oversight here.  Supposedly, Lionel owes $1.1 million in back taxes from 2010!  Although, with Lionel Richie’s net worth being around $200 million, I guess that IS just a little oversight.”  He’ll make more than $1.1 million on his new country album alone!

Here’s Lionel with someone who knows a LOT about debt and legal issues:

CLICK HERE for more on the story.


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