If you haven’t heard about the record $540 million Mega Millions jackpot by now, you MUST be living under a rock!  Nobody won with all the numbers Tuesday night.  So, it just keeps getting bigger.  Even after taxes, you’d get to take home about $270 million if you’re the sole winner.  If that happens, you would be richer than many of today’s biggest names!  For one, you’d be able to laugh at Mitt Romney‘s bank account.  He’s worth “only” $250 mil.  Chump change for you, right?

In addition to Mitt, you’ll be richer than Lebron James and Lady Gaga!  REALLY?  Lebron’s got $120 million and Gaga has $90 million.  Who else?  Get ready for this:

Regis Philbin: $70 million

Will Smith: $200 million

Prince: $235 million

Kanye West: $65 million

Dr. Phil: $220 million

Brad Pitt: $150 million

Did you ever think your net worth could trump theirs?  Of course, you would be nowhere near trumping Donald Trump.  He claims he’s got $7 BILLION to his name.  Someday…someday!


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