Yesterday, the CDC released the results of a huge new study on marriage in America.  Maybe this will help explain what’s going right, or what went wrong.

#1.) First Marriages Are Doomed. Almost HALF of first marriages end within 20 years. Couples where both people have bachelor’s degrees are most likely to survive past two decades.

#2.) People Are Marrying Older. The median age for women getting married for the first time is almost 26. For men, it’s over 28.

#3.) Living Together First Doesn’t Kill Marriage. Believe it or not, couples who live together before they get married are just as likely to stay together as couples who move in after their wedding.

That’s a big change . . . in the past, studies found that living together before marriage was a HUGE signal that the marriage was doomed. But now, with 60% of couples living together before marriage, it’s so common it no longer has an impact.

#4.) Living Together Is Skyrocketing. In 1982, 3% of women were living with their boyfriend. It’s up to 11% now. That means it’s almost quadrupled in three decades.


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