Nearly Half of Us Use Our Work Computer to Look For a New Job

Web Surfing

A survey by found that two thirds of Americans spend part of their workday looking at websites not related to work.  That’s actually DOWN 10% from four years ago.  Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most-popular sites to visit.  And nearly HALF of us . . . 46% . . .  have used our work computer to look for a new job.

Most of us are busy this week filling out March Madness brackets, but it turns out we don’t need a basketball tournament to waste time at work.

A survey by found that nearly two thirds of workers regularly visit non-work-related web sites while on the clock . . . 64%.  Which is actually a 10% IMPROVEMENT from the last survey, four years ago.

One in three people say they spend more than two hours a week surfing the web at work.  41% look at Facebook, making it the most popular time-waster, followed by LinkedIn at 37%,  Yahoo at 31%, Google+ at 28%, and Amazon at 25%.

20% look at CNN, 13% look at Youtube, and 10% go on Craigslist.  Obviously, you could pick more than one site for the survey.

And nearly HALF of all workers . . . 46% . . . spend time on their work computers searching for a NEW JOB.



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