“Billboard”has released their annual “Music Moneymakers” list, which ranks the 40 artists who raked in the most money last year.

The final estimates include album sales, digital music sales, streaming video and music, ringtones, publishing royalties, and revenue from touring . . . which is where the big money comes from these days.

They only count U.S. music sales and domestic touring.  So, anyone who spent a lot of last year touring abroad won’t have that income added counted.

Merchandise sales and sponsorships weren’t included either, because there wasn’t enough information available to make it consistent across the board.  Who do you think was number one on the list?

In the end, TAYLOR SWIFT was #1, with an estimated net income of $35.7 million.  Taylor came in sixth last year, when she raked in $20.7 million.  LADY GAGA topped last year’s list, with $30.4 million.  Gaga was fourth this year, with $25.4 million.

Here are the Top 20 Music Moneymakers:

1.)  Taylor Swift,  $35.7 million

2.)  U2,  $32.1 million

3.)  Kenny Chesney,  $29.8 million

4.)  Lady Gaga,  $25.4 million

5.)  Lil Wayne,  $23.2 million

6.)  Sade,  $16.4 million

7.)  Bon Jovi,  $15.8 million

8.)  Celine Dion,  $14.3 million

9.)  Jason Aldean,  $13.4 million

10.)  Adele,  $13.1 million

11.)  The “Glee” cast,  $12.6 million

12.)  Journey,  $12.3 million

13.)  Elton John,  $12 million . . . or $11,974,000

14.)  Katy Perry,  $12 million . . . or $11,969,000

15.)  Toby Keith,  $10.4 million

16.)  Britney Spears,  $10.1 million

17.)  Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band,  $10 million

18.)  Rascal Flatts,  $9.6 million

19.)  Tim McGraw,  $9.3 million

20.)  Michael Bublé,  $9 million

The list also includes:  The Beatles, #24 . . . Paul McCartney, #25 . . . the Backstreet Boys, #33 . . . and Justin Bieber, #37, whose $5.5 million was only $4,000 more than New Kids on the Block, who followed at #38.

Justin didn’t tour last year, and his numbers would’ve been much bigger if he did.  Adele would’ve also ranked higher than tenth if she hadn’t been forced to shut down her tour last fall to have vocal cord surgery.

Obviously, the Beatles didn’t tour either . . . so not everyone in the Top 40 made most of their money on the road.

(–For the complete list . . . including the estimated incomes down to the DOLLAR, and brief write-ups on each one, hit up


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